Bamboo Blade Abridged


Welcome one and all to the official website for the amazingly awesome BambooBlade Abridge! There's so much to say and only so many hours in the day!! Let's get to it! This here is our welcome/home page where I'll only explain a few rules for the site, other than that... well this is just a page for everyone to waste time on. >w< 


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1. Keep cursing to a minimal, you never know, we may have very young people watching our little show... although they really shouldn't for all the things that we say. XD

2.  Be mindful and don't post sexual content...unless you ask first XD but no really keep that stuff away unless you're suggesting some lines for us (which you should really contact us for).

3. Have an open mind. Yeah that's a hard rule but just try to be kind. The last thing we need is a site full of idiotic drama.

4.  Speak as normally as possible... lol we're all people here aren't we? The voice actors aren't gods and even if we were, well we might still feel a little off, except for our Kojiro! XDDD

5. Have fun and don't be afraid to suggest some stuff. :D  We love feedback.  


With that all said and done... uhm... have fun wandering around! :D >w<