Bamboo Blade Abridged

Meet The Cast/Cast Bios

Bamboo Blade Abridged was originally created by SonCurran and RadioKhmerSitya from DancingMonkeyPDTV. The video and audio is edited at Curran's Way Productions (CWP) Creative Studio. On Episode 2, the video was edited at Questionable Productions. The opening song for Bamboo Blade is Caramelldansen with an intro to each episode, edited by Kimmy13r.

BBA is a parody based upon the Bamboo Blade anime series. Bamboo Blade Abridged is a direct parody with some characters and plot lines remaining relatively unchanged. Some characters like Tamaki Kawazoe and Sensei KOJIRO! have completely different personalities.

The series alternates between the FUNimation Dub, and the originality of the team. For example, the character, Yuuji Nakata is referred to in the original series by Yuuji, in the abridged version, it is switched to Nakata for the other characters to pick fun at by pronouncing it wrong, or getting it wrong altogether. Also, Sensei Toraji Ishida is now referred to as Sensei KOJIRO! The original rules of Kendo still apply in this abridged series. 

Who the heck are you!?

Well how the heck did you stumble here!? lol just kidding. We're a small group of aspiring voice actors currently poking fun at Bamboo Blade, which is a supremely awesome anime! Wanna watch an episode!? :DDDD 

...Really who are you all?

I suppose this question is refering to our names and ages and stuff... so I'll explain!

Let's go from guys to girls shall we~? :D


  TAMAKI                                                                  NAKATA

Curran/SonCurran :The man in charge of our great show ^w^ Curran is a funny and very strange guy. He isn't always afraid to break the barriers and is a great friend. Dependable, honest, nice, and a freakin awesome artist. This guy runs on happiness.  Curran is in charge of passing out the lines, creating them, and editing the video so you all can watch it! He voices Tamaki and Nakata in the series. 

Curran also works on projects from other directors such as Convenient Love and Hyouka from Duchess, and fandubs from SDubs (Summer Dubs) on YouTube.





Luke/TheFucshiaFox (Episodes 1-3)

SD/SD2Productions : This guy has been abridging for a good while and has mostly taken roles of Main characters. Here's no exception when being our brand new voice actor for Sensei KOJIRO! Adding a fresh new voice into the character, and the show itself! SD is very friendly and sometimes quiet and is also working on Sword Art Online Abridged and and a few other One Shots on his YouTube Channel. SD also works on projects directed by Duchess, such as Hyouka the fandub, and the webcomic series, Convenient Love.



   DONNY                                     SAKAGUCHI


Danny/ReverseSoda : This fella is our second oldest male voice actor in the group I think =o=...Danny is an abridger and voice actor who created the Kingdom Hearts 3D Abridged series, along with the upcoming Attack on Titan abridged which features members from the DMT and the NLT crew.Anyway, He's funny and caring. A super nice dude who'd be glad to befriend you, but of course he loves to joke and pick on you like any other good friend. Reliable and odd just like the rest of our cast. He voices for Donny in the series... lol the name change is strange ain't it?



   SENSEI ISHIBASHI                      DEATH ARMOR


Cody/Ultimategamerist : Cody is a kind and funny guy. He's odd and I do think he's just a tad shy but then again I'm tired so... MOVING ON XD  He's there to lend a hand and there to poke fun at you like everyone else but in a nice way of course lol. Cody played Amnesia because mine wouldn't work =w= it was funny lol. Cody is also director of the Claymore Unserious abridged series. He voices Sensei Ishibashi and Death Armor in this awesome series. 





Vatthana/radiokhmersitya :Why does everyone have such long youtube usernames!? >_< ahem... Vatthana is an awesome dude; he's nice, sweet, and funny. He is relatively quiet and a good advice giver but he does know when and how to talk which is a good break from the rest of the guys XDD lol just kidding. He's odd and always prepared to make you laugh. He voices Miya Miya.





Hezekiah/XKuroiMasayoshiX : He's a jerk but in a good way lol. Nice and a great person to come to when it seems all is lost or you're way too jumbled up to know left from right. Hez has created a Bleach Abridged series with Rhi-Chan, and now directs a Kill la Kill Abridged. He's funny and weird but has a good head on his shoulders. I can't go too in depth about how well I know this guy but I'm telling you, once he's your friend, there's no way you're not going to have him by your side forever. He voices Tamaki's father in Bamboo Blade Abridge.





Christian/ninjaheart100 : Chris is a strange guy with an even stranger mind but that's a good thing. Usually kind and ready to give advice (not the best advice but it comes from his heart most of the time lol) he's a great friend to have. Like any other teenage boy he's not always sane or helpful but he's one of the rare teenage boys that's ready to lend a hand when all has fallen apart. He's got a good head on his shoulders too even if it doesn't seem like that sometimes. Chris will soon have his own abridge series (2 actually. one for BlackRockShooter and the other for Letter Bees) He voices Iwasa.



   RED BRAVER                                                                 




Joel/SliceOfDog :Joel is a pretty cool dude and is easy to get along with. Joel is very good at starting a conversation when the other person is bored and has nothing to talk about. A smart man as well and funny. He's a nice guy with a nice accent XD. He's a voice actor from the UK. He's involved with many fan dubs such as his Lion King fandub. He loves video games and is able to do the american accent quite well. He voices Toyama and Red Braver in this abridged series. 





Justin Carney :A man with a variety of different world accents. He's one of the most creative guys I've ever worked with. Justin is really easy to get along with as he has many interesting things to talk about and can relate to people. Justin works with Curran on the scripting for Bamboo Blade Abridged starting with Episode 3. He voices Tadaaki "Tada" Hayashi in this abridged series.




I'm pretty sure that's all the guys.... SO LETS GO TO THE GIRLS :D


   REIMI                                                   KONATSU


Utsu/DigitalxKeyblade : Utsu is a high energy girl with a snappy sense of humor. She's very funny, and she's also a talented artist. She has a knack for making parodies, and she also created the intro for BBA's Season 2. She's a random ball of energy who has a goal of apparently making others feel happy too. She and Imori are like sisters! She voices Reimi and Konatsu in this abridged series.





Mokey Chan/ImoriStar☆ : Imori is a talented singer and voice actor that works on different voice acting projects. Imori plays Mona in Bamboo Blade Abridged. She sounds almost like Rhi~Chan, cool huh?  (Nakata you don't know how to describe people! -Kirino) Imori is a fun loving, free spirited, fiery little bundle of sunshine! She's nearly always in a good mood and when she isn't? She's in a GREAT mood XD 





Raye/raecheveyc : Most known for her work as Trixie and Luna in the Princess Trixie Sparkle series, she is a girl with many different voices, and is also talented at singing. She voices Maya in Bamboo Blade Abridged.



   MISS YOSHIKAWA                                   KAREN


Rhiannon/X1xSakuraYukkix7X : Rhi~chan is a kind and soft spoken girl but is amazingly crazy lol. She's smart and often scared of stuff but she's willing to watch you play Amnesia. Rhia is sneaky, sweet, and the best video editor in my eyes. She loves to edit videos, act, sing, and write. She's an angel with little stubs of the devil's horns XD. She's also very pure, or so I like to say >w< Rhia has quite a few projects right now, it's a bit hard to catch up with but that's alright lol. Rhia voices Miss Yoshikawa and Karen for our series here. 







Sarahlynne/TheProfessorMaple : Sa~chan is quiet and always watching. Like a tiger, ready to strike but just waiting for the right time. She's a great friend even if she doesn't talk much. She loves to poke fun at the other girls but we don't mind, we all poke fun at everyone lol. Sweet and smart and a good video editor. She's ready to voice act or just about ready to do anything really. Sa~chan voices Saya and Akemi.



   YUURI                                                                 SATORI


Duchess/MoonDreamofA: Duchess voices Satori and Yuuri from Bamboo Blade Abridged! She is also director of many one shot abridges such as "Cooking with Chi", fandubs such as Hyouka and a webcomic dub: Convenient Love. Duchess is funny, and you can't be around her and not smile. She seems to play sadistic characters well, watch out Miya Miya and Tamaki!



   KIRINO                                                                       CUBEY



Kimberly/Kimmy13r : HIYA! Kimmy is quiet only in the beginning and then is absolutely strange, crazy, and full of emotion. I take a bit to warm up to or so I think... I tend to think of myself as not good enough. I sing, cosplay, voice act and edit videos. Everything about the world interests me and I like to believe I'm pretty mature considering I'm the youngest person in the whole cast and second in command for this abridged series. Whatever they tell you, I am NOT perverted...not intentionally anyway XD. I made the intro for BBA's Season 1, and I am also the creator of this website. I love to have a good laugh but I suck at making jokes ^_^; For the most part I'm open minded, curious, kind, and reliable. I don't tend to hide anything about me much. I voice Kirino and Cubey (the dojo cat along with all the other cats) in the series.