Bamboo Blade Abridged

Episode 01: Quote on Quote "Adorable Girls"



Description: Our very first episode of Bamboo Blade Abridged! :D  Apparently Sensei Kojiro is flat broke and guess who has to come to the rescue? ME! KIRINO... and ya know his bet with his old friend... and I mean OLD. Geez these guys are old geezers! HEY KOJIRO YOU GOT ANY SUSHI? OF COURSE YOU DON'T YOU'RE POOR! AHAHAHAA *ahem*       


Episode 02: "Hello Chirrens!"


Description: The second episode of Bamboo Blade Abridged is finally here everyone! :DDD I can't believe we actually have it up since all of the technical difficulties and speaking of fights we get to see some action from sexy Toyama and cute Tamaki! A battle for the ages! Hey Tamaki why can't you be our sensei instead? Kojiro is so boring and weird! Hey! Where are you going!? TAMAKI!!! 


Episode 3: "Beating Sempai, Beating Buns, Beating It"


Description: Our third episode of Bamboo Blade Abridged is up and ready to go! 8D We got this one in a lot faster than the other one! And speaking of fast have you SEEN Donny eat those buns!? HOLY COW PISS THAT WAS CRAZY!! And Tamaki too! They should go head to head in a food eating contest or something!! Welp anyway that geezer friend of sensei Kojiro is trying to get that old trophy of his... but guess how many f*cks anyone gives!? NONE~! Oh hi there kitty!... wait... OH NO PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD! NOOOOOOO!!!! THE EQUIPMENT DOESN'T SMELL THAT BAD DOES IT!?

Episode 4: "4 Walls, 4 Girls, 4/20"

Description: The fourth episode! Goodness don't we break the 4th wall??! I guess that's what happens when you reach the 4th episode lol. How much do you want to bet that this is like our best episode yet? We've got a whole new Kojiro and yet we don't! And Miya Miya is a WHAT!? I never knew girls can be Super Saiyans! She's gotta teach me!!! OwO Alrighty troops lets get to work! With pride! :D And little Tama is still adorable~! ^w^ Saya is... Over dramatic as always ^_^; But I love her still! Hey Kojiro can I have some of those brownies too? Hey! Answer me! KOJIRO!!!! SHARING IS CARING!!! YOU GAVE SAYA SOME WHY CAN'T I HAVE ANY!?!

Episode 5: "If Kojiro do right, Ishibashi cannot defense!"


Description: Here's our fifth episode everybody! Nakata... Nakata I'm gonna need you to stop singing that annoying song. THESE BOOBS ARE OURS GO AWAY! Miya miya no more back hand boob slaps please! WHATS WITH ALL THE BOOBS!? Our competition with Ishibashi (which Kojiro totally never told me about) is so close! We can't fool around now!! Tamaki talk some sense into them! INCAPACITATING SOMEONE IS NOT THE WAY TO TALK SENSE INTO SOMEONE!